How to Find Bank Routing Numbers

Find Bank Routing Numbers for different locations in United States here. These Bank Routing Numbers can be used to transfer funds, direct deposits , International ,Domestic and person to person wire transfers, electronic payments, automatic payments (ACH) and for many more transactions.

How to Find Bank Routing Numbers

There are many ways to find the Routing Number of a bank in a state or city. One of the most easiest way to find the Routing Number is to lookup up in the Check. In most checks these numbers are printed on the bottom of the bank check.

How to Find Bank Routing Numbers

Usually the Routing numbers are 9 digit Long and is normally printed in all checks of bank.  If you look into the bank checks you will see three numbers, First one being the routing number and then the account number and then it is followed by check number. You can see the above pictures for more clear idea. Please note that your routing number is associated with the bank where it was initially opened.

What is Routing Number?

To answer this question, each bank is assigned a unique identifying code which is known as Routing number which can be found at bottom of your check. So why routing number is important? Because it tells the bank thet who will receive the payment and which bank and what kind of transactions will be done. The ABA (American Bankers Association) assign a unique code to each federal or state owned bank and financial institutions. These unique code are known as ABA routing number or routing transit number.

When Routing numbers are Needed?

There are many uses of Routing Numbers. For Example

  • If you want to order and new checkbook, You need to provide Routing Number, so that bank can determine from which bank checks needs to be issued.
  • For Setting up Direct Deposit, you will have to provide routing number and account number of your account.
  • When you pay bills through ACH.
  • For Paying Taxes or getting a Tax refund you will need a routing number.

You can see the Routing Numbers of Major banks in USA below.